IFA - Italian Fine Art exhibition will take place at the Exhibition Centre of Bergamo (Italy) from 13th to 21st January 2018.   More than 150 exhibitors, selected among the most important Italian antique galleries, will take part to this extraordinary fair. Antiques dealers will be joined by important jewelers, ancient textile art and Art Nouveau dealers of the twentieth century, collections of the nineteenth century, primitive art, glass and ceramics collectors, sculptures from all areas, reviewed by a Vetting committee composed of international scholars and experts who establish the authenticity of the exposed works according to the standards of the major European exhibitions.  

The  next  edition  of  Italian  Fine  Art  exhibition  will  take  place  together  with  Bergamo  Arte  Fiera  (BAF)  the  innovative exhibition dedicated to modern and contemporary art. From the 13th to 15th January an extraordinary selection of historical galleries of modern and contemporary art will exhibit at the Exhibition Centre of Bergamo. The two prestigious exhibitions, which in the previous editions were confirmed as outstanding art events for the related art sectors, will take place in two nearby halls offering a high-level experience to the visitors.